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The World's Most Accurate Scoreboards

Make great business decisions using reporting automation and artificial intelligence.

Goald Scoreboard Marketing Manager

All-In-One Solution

Combine important data from your favorite web apps into one place.

No Tech Skills Required

We handle the setup and coding so you can do what you do best.

Faster Insights

Build reporting that is always up to date and available from anywhere.

From Small Agencies to Big Business

Goald Marketing Metrics

Cheaper Leads Better Customers

The only tracking platform to accurately report which ads are producing sales, profit, and ideal customers without wasting a penny on failing campaigns.


Online, Offline, Heck… Anyline

Create custom performance reports tailored to your unique sales process and generate more sales: online, over the phone, in-person or a combination of them ALL.

Goald Sales Funnel

From Stressed to Carefree

Create a culture of high performers by allowing owners and managers to objectively measure every role so you can enjoy your business and let it do what it was built for… to grind out cash.

Testimonial AJ Rivera Goald 120 v2

Saved Over $200,000 in Ad Costs

“Goald has saved our marketing agency over $200,000 in wasted ad costs while maintaining our sales volume. Once the new data showed which ads and funnels our best customers came from we focused on those channels and eliminated everything else saving us 90% of our online budget within weeks.”

AJ Rivera

Reporting Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Goald was built for your business. Agencies, experts, ecommerce, construction, and professional services. Connect all of your most valuable data and know everything, anytime, anywhere.

Accurate. Reliable. Intelligent

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Features That Reveal Your Vein of Goald

Goald Integrations Map

Easily Connect To All Of Your Data

Setup is a breeze when our engineers build the API “tunnels” to share the data from your favorite apps to our secure databases.

Process Planner

Organize Activities With A Few Clicks

Know exactly what your customers and employees have done, are doing and even what they might do next. Define the customer journey and select the assets they engage with from your integrations. It is so easy even the owner can do it in a few minutes.

Process Planning
Goald Sample Assets Medium

Track Accurate Data In Real Time

Aggregate Data: The Goald platform instantly pulls data from a comprehensive set of integrations, allowing business owners to make ROI-based decisions in real-time.

Decision Making

Focus on Insights That Matters

Having a mountain of data is exciting. Now is the time to separate the important from the trivial with the 3P’s Filter: Process, People, and Performance. Using this allows you to know who to hold accountable, for what activities and by what success or failure benchmarks.

Goald Decision Dots Half
Goald Visualizations

Know The Score In Minutes

Scoreboards are a collection of data visualizations that tell a story. Scale what is working, stop what isn’t, and ignore the unimportant. Your team will know precisely the next actions to take without you having to ask. Enjoy life knowing your business is running smoothly.

Built By Business Owners for Business Owners

No Theory. Goald was first used for over a year with our own businesses. Now after nearly a second year of use with our private clients. Goald is battle tested on our nickel so you get the return on investment immediately.

Eric Michael Collins

Chief Product Officer
Eric has decades of start-up experience and has owned and operated several seven-figure service-based businesses. Goald was born out of necessity to oversee his businesses while investing time with his family and traveling.

John North

Chief Technology Officer
John has over 40 years of software developer experience and recently successfully exited his 23-year old software company. When John isn't taking Eric's red yarn ideas and turning them into reality he is inventing parts for his tractor.

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